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ArcopolPLus: Drift and pollutants behaviour prediction modelling

Date of holding: 24/03/2014

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Marine spills are always a serious problem for the population but, when close to the shore, the response must be even quicker and very accurate. The guide elaborated by ARCOPOL Plus partners makes a compilation of the meteo-oceanographic forecasting systems and drift and products behaviour operational systems applicable in the complicated geographical zones of the project. The aim of this work is to characterize the existing operational capacity in ocean, waves and atmospheric modelling, among the different partners and different regions, and then try to include these sources of information in the contents of the tools for responders. This video explains how modellers and stakeholders can get a more accurate estimate of where and when a spill will reach the coast by using complex mathematical models, and what type of information is necessary for achieve that goal. The degree of accuracy that is achieved using these models significantly increases the likelihood of success in addressing the problem. Finally reference is made to the need for further progress in the adjustment of the models to improve their reliability and in obtaining high quality data that will serve to feed the models.

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