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Date of holding: 13/11/2017
"Overview of small scale fisheries in europe"
Video  |  Spanish  |  67' 03''  |  Viewed: 108 times
Mr. Karim Herzini
Zoology, Ecology, Marine Biology, Universidade do Algarve
Presents: Dr. Gonzalo Macho Rivero
Doctor in Marine Sciences from the University of Vigo
Date of holding: 01/08/2017
"Questions. Designing marine spatial property rights for moving fish"
Video  |  English  (20' 46'')  |  Viewed: 161 times
Erendira Aceves Bueno
University of California, Santa Barbara
"Designing marine spatial property rights for moving fish"
Video  |  English  |  38' 24''  |  Viewed: 325 times
Erendira Aceves Bueno
University of California, Santa Barbara
Date of holding: 01/06/2016
"Forecasting Effects of Extreme Events on Shellfisheries in Galicia"
Scientific Program Presentations "Coffee with salt"
Video  |  English  |  31' 04''  |  Viewed: 485 times
Dr. David Wethey
Professor of Biological Sciences and Marine Science, University of South Carolina, USA
Ms. Sarah Woodin
Carolina Dist. Professor Marine Science Program, University of South Carolina
Date of holding: 18/06/2014
"Plastics in the marine environment: a global problem"
OCEANTICA. Educational project CTS Campus do Mar
Video  |  Spanish  (48' 35'')  |  Viewed: 2929 times
Soledad Muniategui Lorenzo
Professor. Area Analytical Chemistry, University of A Coruña
Date of holding: 02/06/2014
"Where do the great whales go? A view of their ecology from space"
OCEANTICA. Educational project CTS Campus do Mar
Video  |  Spanish  (38' 09'')  |  Viewed: 2050 times
Daniel M. Palacios
Oregon State University
Date of holding: 09/05/2014
"Overfishing. Harvesting more than cultivated."
OCEANTICA. Educational project CTS Campus do Mar
Video  |  Spanish  (32' 19'')  |  Viewed: 2377 times
Isabel Riveiro Alarcón
Date of holding: 30/04/2014
"Transdisciplinary in small-scale fisheries research: why and how"
OCEANTICA. Educational project CTS Campus do Mar
Video  |  English  (42' 51'')  |  Viewed: 1942 times
Mss. Ratana Chuenpagdee
Professor, Memorial University
Date of holding: 24/04/2014
"Is it possible to always grow? A tour of the other crisis since the oceans"
OCEANTICA. Educational project CTS Campus do Mar
Video  |  Spanish  (43' 00'')  |  Viewed: 2073 times
Mr. Emilio Fernández Suárez
Director, Campus do Mar
Date of holding: 11/03/2014
"The Barefoot Ecologist’s toolbox"
Video  |  English  (76' 52'')  |  Viewed: 3036 times
Jeremy Prince
Date of holding: 12/12/2013
"Energy Audit in Fisheries"
Video  |  English  (30' 53'')  |  Viewed: 2887 times
Mr. Antonello Sala
Researcher, Consejo Nacional de Investigación - Instituto de Ciencias Marinas - Italia
Date of holding: 29/11/2013
"Hatchery of new species. The case of the Cherna, (Polyprion americanus, Scheider, 1801)"
Video  |  Spanish  (50' 19'')  |  Viewed: 2170 times
Mr. José Benito Peleteiro
Researcher, Oceanographic Centre of Vigo
"Cold water marine fish hatcheries: production procedures for Cod and Hake"
Video  |  Spanish  (67' 21'')  |  Viewed: 2999 times
Mr. Gidon Minkoff
Consultant, Teleostei Hatchery Consulting
"Hatchery of Abadejo. A lost opportunity?"
Video  |  Spanish  (47' 00'')  |  Viewed: 2277 times
Mr Bernardo Souto
Professor, Galician Institute for Aquaculture Training IGAFA
Date of holding: 07/11/2013
"Integration of results of European projects mapping marine habitats. Benefits and challenges."
Video  |  Spanish  (22' 27'')  |  Viewed: 1969 times
Mr José Luis Sanz
Researcher, Spanish Oceanography Institute
Mrs Dulce Mata Chacón
Researcher, Spanish Oceanography Institute
"Mapping marine habitats in MeshAtlantic project"
Video  |  Spanish  (32' 11'')  |  Viewed: 2148 times
Mrs Dulce Mata Chacón
Researcher, Spanish Oceanography Institute
"Mapping on marine habitats. Needs, methodology and problems"
Video  |  Spanish  (40' 19'')  |  Viewed: 2411 times
Mr José Luis Sanz
Researcher, Spanish Oceanography Institute
Presents: Mr. Alberto González Garcés
Director of International Relations - Counselor, Campus do Mar - Oceanographic Spanish Institute
"European Union projets about Marine Information Harmonization"
Video  |  Spanish  (30' 41'')  |  Viewed: 1941 times
Mr José Luis Sanz
Researcher, Spanish Oceanography Institute
"Conference by Patrick Chaumette"
Video  |  Spanish  (53' 33'')  |  Viewed: 2460 times
Mr. Patrick Chaumette
Professor of Labour Law., University of Nantes
"Conference Patrick Chaumette"
Video  |  French  (53' 33'')  |  Viewed: 1393 times
Mr. Patrick Chaumette
Professor of Labour Law., University of Nantes
"Development instrument for support of I+D+i bussines projects in the maritime and fishing industry"
Video  |  Spanish  (47' 50'')  |  Viewed: 3660 times
Mr. Carlos Franco Alonso
Direction of Promotion and Cooperation
Date of holding: 26/06/2013
"Genomic Approaches to the Understanding of Disease Resistance and Innate Immunity in Catfish"
Video  |  English  (41' 36'')  |  Viewed: 3061 times
John Liu
Auburn University
Date of holding: 25/06/2013
"Models of Technology Transfer and Innovation"
Video  |  English  (87' 22'')  |  Viewed: 4039 times
Mr. Viraj Perera
Senior Consultant, Isis Enterprise
Date of holding: 27/05/2013
"Legal issues arising from marine casualties: the Erika case"
Video  |  French  (49' 03'')  |  Viewed: 7758 times
Mr. Philippe Delebecque
Professor of Law, University of París
Date of holding: 30/04/2013
"Questions in (ecological) speciation"
Video  |  English  (45' 35'')  |  Viewed: 3188 times
Mr. Roger Butlin
Professor, Researcher. Department of Animal and Plant Sciences - Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Science, University of Sheffield (UK) - University of Gothenburg, Sweden
"Private international law: the Rome II regulation role in the selection of the applicable law"
Video  |  Spanish  (49' 04'')  |  Viewed: 3767 times
Mr. Jürgen Basedow
Director, International Max Planck Research School for Maritime Affairs.
Date of holding: 15/03/2013
"Contemporary concepts on hydrodynamics of semi-enclosed systems: what’s the importance of width and depth?"
Video  |  English  (41' 01'')  |  Viewed: 3421 times
Mr. Arnoldo Valle-Levinson
Professor. Editorial Board Member, University of Florida. Océano Magazine.
Date of holding: 13/02/2013
"Local Science Network in Japan"
Management of shellfish resources in Japan
Video  |  English  (46' 32'')  |  Viewed: 3393 times
Mr. Tetsu Sato
Researcher. Professor of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan. Nagano University.
Date of holding: 31/01/2013
"European hake. Slow or fast growth?"
Video  |  Spanish  (29' 22'')  |  Viewed: 2870 times
Mrs. Carmen Piñeiro Álvarez
Researcher-C.O Vigo, IEO, Instituto Español de Oceanografía- ICES, International Council for the Exploration of the Sea.
Presents: Mr. Jesús Touza
dean, Campus do Mar
Date of holding: 17/12/2012
"Fishering in a Changing Ocean: Adaptation challenges"
Video  |  English  (41' 00'')  |  Viewed: 2865 times
Dr. Salvador Lluch Cota
CIBNOR Investigator
Date of holding: 16/11/2012
"The Coastal Law reform"
A change to the private marine-terrestrial domain
Video  |  Spanish  (43' 03'')  |  Viewed: 4188 times
Mr. Ángel Menéndez Rexach
Professor of Administrative Law, Autonomous University of Madrid.
Date of holding: 27/09/2012
"Microbial Metagenomics"
Video  |  English  (46' 00'')  |  Viewed: 3113 times
Mr. Ramon Massana
Video  |  English  (54' 32'')  |  Viewed: 3151 times
Mr. Mehrdad Hajibabaei
Assistant Professor, Integrative Biology & Biodiversity Institute of Ontario
Date of holding: 31/05/2012
"The global changes: learning from the Antarctic"
Video  |  English  (77' 20'')  |  Viewed: 2664 times
Mr. Andrés Maldonado
Research Professor, CSIC. University of Granada.
Date of holding: 21/05/2012
"Determination of Toxins involved in ciguatera and related seafood toxins"
Campus do Mar Conferences series
Video  |  English  (44' 39'')  |  Viewed: 4752 times
Prof. Takeshi Yasumoto
Prof. Emeritus, Tohoku University Japan Food Research Laboratories
Date of holding: 27/03/2012
"Deepwater sedimentary systems"
New advances and current trends
Video  |  English  (58' 03'')  |  Viewed: 4428 times
Sr. Dorrik Stow
Date of holding: 23/02/2012
"Aquatic microbial ecology through the lens of high-throughput DNA/RNA sequencing"
Video  |  English  (70' 31'')  |  Viewed: 3991 times
Ramiro Logares
Researcher, Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM), CSIC
Date of holding: 10/02/2012
"Persistent organic pollutants in the marine environment: Trends in known and emerging compounds"
Video  |  English  (43' 52'')  |  Viewed: 3756 times
Jacob de Boer
Researcher, Institute for Environmental Studies, University of Amsterdam
Date of holding: 30/01/2012
"Participation, Compliance and Enforcement in the Governance of Coastal and Marine Ecosystems"
Video  |  English  (42' 33'')  |  Viewed: 3619 times
Mr. Stephen Olsen
Director, Coastal Resources Center, University of Rhode Island
Date of holding: 16/12/2011
"Integrated Coastal Management Aplication in Environmental Restoration"
A case study in Xiamen, China
Video  |  English  (43' 29'')  |  Viewed: 3208 times
Xiongzshe Xue
Professor, Xiamen University, China
Date of holding: 17/11/2011
"Variability in the subtropical circulation of the Atlantic Ocean"
Campus do Mar conference series
Video  |  Spanish  (46' 11'')  |  Viewed: 4511 times
Mr. Harry L. Bryden
Ocean Observing and Climate Staff, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK
Date of holding: 08/11/2011
"Marine investigation in Spain: analysis of the last National Plan of R&D and prospective in a uncertain stage"
Campus do Mar Conference series
Video  |  Spanish  (46' 19'')  |  Viewed: 3466 times
Mr. Fidel Echevarría
Manager of the National Marine Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Innovation
Date of holding: 25/10/2011
"Into the deep: epibenthic communities on the continental slope of Atlantic Canada"
Video  |  English  (52' 06'')  |  Viewed: 3911 times
Prof. Anna Metaxas
Department of Oceanography, Dalhousie University
Date of holding: 11/10/2011
"Marine primary production in relation to climate variability and global change"
Video  |  Spanish  (50' 37'')  |  Viewed: 6076 times
D. Francisco Chávez
Oceanographer. Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) and Honoris Causa, University Pedro Ruiz Gallo in Peru
Date of holding: 19/09/2011
"Transnational Story-making and "dreaming latitude""
Video  |  English  (60' 39'')  |  Viewed: 3885 times
Writer and Academic, Professor at Wollongong University
Presents: Dr. Belén Martín Lucas
Professor at the department of English, French and German Philology, Faculty of Philology and Translation, University of Vigo
Date of holding: 12/09/2011
"Stacking ecosystem services in the Panama Canal watershed"
Video  |  English  (44' 34'')  |  Viewed: 4565 times
Mr. Charles Perrings
Director of the EcoSERVICES group and professor of environmental economics, Arizona State University
Date of holding: 04/07/2011
"What to study and why study the ocean"
Video  |  Spanish  (38' 34'')  |  Viewed: 4316 times
Mr. Emilio Fernández Suárez
Director, Campus do Mar
Date of holding: 08/06/2011
"The prospects for wave energy in Ireland and the role of numerical modelling in its development"
Video  |  English  (45' 55'')  |  Viewed: 5733 times
Mr. Marcel Curé
Managing director, Numerics Warehouse Ltd.
Presents: Mr. Andrés Gómez Tato
Project and Application Administrator, CESGA
Date of holding: 18/05/2011
"Everything is good in fish!"
Video  |  English  (37' 56'')  |  Viewed: 5104 times
Mr. Jean Pascal Bergé
Director of the Laboratory Science and Technology of the Marine Biomass, IFREMER
Presents: D.ª Ana García Cabado
Area of Microbiology and Toxins, Anfaco-Cecopesca
Date of holding: 27/04/2011
"An overview of emerging marine biotoxins"
Video  |  English  (36' 57'')  |  Viewed: 5857 times
Prof. Takeshi Yasumoto
Prof. Emeritus, Tohoku University Japan Food Research Laboratories
Presents: Mr. José Antonio Rodríguez Vázquez
Emeritus Professor of the Departament of Analytical and Alimentary Chemistry, University of Vigo
Date of holding: 12/04/2011
"Global warming, fisheries and risk"
Video  |  English  (54' 34'')  |  Viewed: 5176 times
Prof. Ragnar Arnason
Professor, University of Iceland
Presents: Ms. Dolores Garza
Department of Applied Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences, University of Vigo
Date of holding: 11/04/2011
"Efficiency advantages of grandfathering in rights based fishery management"
Video  |  English  (31' 58'')  |  Viewed: 5289 times
Mr. Gary Libecap
Santa Bárbara University (USA)
Presents: Mr. Gonzalo Caballero
Faculty of Economy, University of Vigo
Date of holding: 29/03/2011
"Multi-carrier acoustic underwater communications"
Video  |  English  (56' 12'')  |  Viewed: 6337 times
Prof. Geert Leus
Delft University of Technology
Presents: Mr. Roberto López Valcarce
Signal Processing in Communications Group
Date of holding: 24/02/2011
"Marine life in a high CO₂ world"
Video  |  English  (51' 50'')  |  Viewed: 7695 times
Dr. Débora Iglesias-Rodríguez
National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton
Presents: Cristina Sobrino
Ecology and Animal Biology Department, University of Vigo
Date of holding: 30/11/2010
"'Campus do Mar': A strategic project for the management of the marine environment"
Video  |  Spanish  (61' 49'')  |  Viewed: 4677 times
Mr. Salustiano Mato de la Iglesia
Chancellor, University of Vigo
Date of holding: 15/10/2010
"Underwater Wireless (Acoustic) Communications"
Underwater Wireless (Acoustic) Communications
Video  |  English  (51' 52'')  |  Viewed: 5961 times
Ms. Milica Stojanovic
Associate Professor, Northeastern University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
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