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Curriculum Design. Objectives

Date of holding: 05/03/2018

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The set of recordings, aim to facilitate the understanding of the simplest procedures in the design of a teaching unit The video "Obejtivos" tries to make clear the process of writing the didactic objectives including the difference between the types of educational objectives and their writing. In the video "Contenidos" he tries to detail the types of contents and the criteria for their selection and sequencing in the different levels of curricular concretion. In video "Methodology" explains the different didactic models and their characteristics, as well as the methodological principles and the most common strategies in the primary classroom to help you make decisions when describing the methodology of your integrated didactic unit. Finally, in the video on "Evaluation" you will find the types and techniques of evaluation more frequent as well as the curricular decisions that you must take into account.

Ms. Margarita Pino Juste
Professor of the Faculty of Education and Sport Sciences, Universitý of Vigo
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