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A socioeconomic-territorial view of rias from the ports

Date of holding: 13/04/2013

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Oceántica is the educational project of Science, Technology and Society (CTS) of Campus do Mar. It is structured in five stages encompassing the great challenges that the contemporary society is demanding in relation to the knowledge of the marine environment: -Reducing the carbon footprint in the ocean. -Biodiversity and marine resources for sustainability and health. -Pollution of coastal and ocean environment. -Integral management of ocean and coastal territory to sustainability and climate change response. -Marine technologies for sustainability and health. Oceántica is the result of the hybridisation of scientific and technological fields involved in the Campus of International Excellence Campus do Mar, with the proper areas of the social sciences that integrate socioeconomic observations, territory planning and philosophy. Oceántica seeks to encourage communication and the expression of ideas that promote the linguistic, artistic and digital communication of all lessons learned in the interaction with the ocean and coastal environment.

Mr. Fernando González Laxe
Ex-President of the Regional Government; former CEO of Fisheries and chairman of Ports Authority. Professor of Applied Economics, Institute of Maritime Studies, University of A Coruña.
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