Large body size as a key innovation facilitating rapid radiation and geographical expansion in Malagasy dung beetles

Date of holding: 30/04/2013

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Recent advances in genomics offer an unprecedented opportunity to understand the mechanisms involved in ecological speciation. In order to build a solid two-way bridge between ecology and genomics, the AES international conference will promote a brainstorm on cutting-edge empirical and theoretical advances in the study of ecological speciation. We aim to create an open discussion atmosphere between students and more experienced researchers that can inspire future educational and research programs on this topic, currently one of the most prominent in evolutionary biology. This meeting is part of the European Science Foundation’s Research Networking Programme Frontiers of Speciation Research (FroSpects,, which is funded by 18 of ESF’s national member organisations.

Mrs. Andreia Miraldo
Researcher. Department of Biosciences, University of Helsinki, Finland
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