Análisis estructural y funcional de genes implicados en la determinación/diferenciación sexual en rodaballo (Scophthalmus maximus)

Date of holding: 26/08/2014

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The Do*Mar (PhD in Marine Science, Technology and Management) is a PhD program born within the Campus do Mar International Campus of Excellence, as a result of its members to create an International Postgraduate School of Excellence that offers PhD programs with a global vision and multiannual planning. The mission is to produce the best researchers and professionals within the scope of Science, Technology and Sea Management, in their several economic and social applications, in order to generate quality research and international impact and thereby provide the industry with the best tools to compete at world level. The Do*Mar Student Day occur a day before the IMMR 2014 (9th of july) and gathered students and prospective PhD students in the unique scenario of the Berlengas Biosphere Reserve –NESCO World Heritage. This day will be split into student presentations in the iconic Berlenga lighthouse and getting to know this unique archipelago in the best possible way! …

Xoana Taboada Penoucos
University of Santiago de Compostela
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