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Aware raising

Date of holding: 21/03/2018

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Maritime transport of chemicals is, unfortunately, not without danger. These dangers can be derived from the spill of dangerous substances, with behaviors sometimes unknown at sea. Often, when there is a maritime accident, the lack of experience to solve this type of problem leads to situations of social chaos and alarms that can be solved efficiently leaving the resolution of the contingency in the hands of experts. The MARINER project aims to protect the coasts of the Atlantic coastline from maritime pollution by training experts and transferring technology and strategies to end users. With the information available today, it is now possible to adopt fast and effective response plans for Hazardous and Noxious Substances (HNS). The coordinated work of the trained stakeholders improves protocols and ensures the most efficient response to emergencies. There is no doubt that training exercises are the key to improving protocols and improving the skills of the different participants involved in the response. With this video we want to highlight the importance of trusting the wisdom of experts.

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