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Posidonia oceanica meadows: an underwater treasure

Date of holding: 24/03/2014

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Posidonia oceanica is an aquatic plant, endemic to the Mediterranean Sea, very peculiar. It has similar features to other terrestrial plants, such as roots, stem, rhizome and leaves with a ribbon around one meter long. Also flowers, underwater, and produces fruits that float. But the really interesting thing of this plant species is that form underwater meadows that are home to great biodiversity having a great ecological importance. So this plant is considered as a good bioindicator of marine quality waters. Although in the National Park of Archipelago de Cabrera populations are protected, in other parts of the Mediterranean, this species is in decline. This video shows the beauty of these meadows, some of the problems that threaten them and the work that scientists and managers are doing to safeguard one of the most valuable treasures that our seas are home.

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