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Date of holding: 17/06/2019

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Seminario Monográfico 1. Parte 1

The particular importance and the novelty of the Doctoral Programme lays in the motivation to respond to the reality of our society and the reality that exists in our Educational System from the perspective of Equity and Innovation. The purpose of this Course is to resolve problems of social and educational inequality, which evolve and adopt new forms as a result of the social transformations in a country and the effects of the global economy.

Conference introduced by Dr. Rodolfo Barreiro Lozano
Director de la Escuela Internacional de Doctorado, UDC. Universidade da Coruña
Ángeles Parrilla
Coordinadora del programa del "Doctorado Interuniversitario Equidad e Innovación en Educación", Universidade da Coruña, Universidad de Oviedo, Universidad de Cantabria, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela y Universidad de Vigo
Mercedes González Sanmamed
Coordinadora del programa del Doctorado Interuniversitario Equidad e Innovación en Educación en Universidade da Coruña
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