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"Educate, investigate and disseminate" were highlighted as the "only remedy" to combat that "anonymity"

Date of holding: 30/11/2017

Video language: Galician
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Workers of salting and preserving, shellfish harvesters, auctioneers, "invisible and invisible women, whose work was and continues to be fundamental for the sustainability of the sea", are present, said Álvarez Lires, in this photographic exhibition, which is completed with two panels dedicated to the oceanographers Ángeles Alvariño and Aida Fernández Ríos, developed by the research group of the Didactics of Experimental Sciences area coordinated by this teacher, with the collaboration of the Campus of International Excellence-Campus do Mar, the Deputation of Pontevedra and the Unidade de Igualdade of the Universidade de Vigo, Contributions of women to the sustainability of the sea is the result of a "collective project", destined to "recover the memory of women dedicated to the crafts of the sea in the past and to give it voice to those who play them nowadays. "This was put in value by the curator of this exhibition in his inau guration, in which the Vice Chancellor of the campus, Juan Manuel Corbacho; the president of the Deputation, Carmela Silva; the director of the Campus do Mar; Emilio Fernández; the dean of the faculty, Vicente Romo; the director of the Unidade de Igualdade, Anabel G. Penín; the concelleira de Educación, Carmen Fouces, the deputada provincial Digna Rivas, and the director of the Massó de Bueu Museum, Covadonga López de Prado.

María Álvarez Lires
Didactic Research Group,, Education Sciences Faculty, Universidade de Vigo, Didactic Research Group, Education Sciences, Pontevedra
Conference introduced by Vicente Romo Pérez
Dean, Faculty of Education Sciences and Sports, UVigo
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