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Closure of symposium

Date of holding: 28/02/2013

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Marine organisms constitute an immense source of chemical compounds with bioactive properties. From nutrients to lethal toxins, their therapeutic or nutritional applications are of high interest for the pharmaceutical companies. The distance from the sea to the productive industry, nevertheless, can only be covered by the cooperation between research institutions and the business sector. This symposium aims to highlight the importance of the basic knowledge transfer on the potential properties of marine organisms and compounds to provide real, feasible applications for the prevention and the treatment of diseases or for the improvement of health in general. To screen marine animals, micro and macro algae for new compounds and to bring together industry and academia, is a priority to strengthen the sustainability and competitiveness of the European industry. This event is taking place in the frame of the PHARMATLANTIC project supported by the EU Atlantic Area Transnational Programme. Its objective is to establish a communication and transference network to provide industries with the most recent advances in the scientific knowledge about bioactive marine compounds achieved by research centers. A project balance, and future challenges in this exciting topic will be discussed among the attendants.

Mrs Ana García Cabado
Food Safety Division Head and Scientific Coordinator, Anfaco-Cecopesca.
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