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Presentation of the event

Date of holding: 30/11/2010

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Salustiano Mato, chancellor of the University of Vigo, describes the main strategic areas of Campus del Mar, which are research, teaching, internationalisation and transformation of the campus. Research, which is the base for this project, will be carried out by establishing four big research groups that will focus on ocean observation and global change, sustainable use of marine resources, coastal zone management and business management and competitiveness. Moreover, as Salustiano Mato said "we must not forget our ability for teaching" in the Campus del Mar with the creation of an International Graduate School. Linked to teaching is internationalization. Finally, the axis of transformation of the campus, which "means to make life attractive in this school."

Mr. José Gabriel Martínez Ratero
Director of the "Cátedra Almirante Álvarez Ossorio"
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