Stalagmite fluid inclusions and what they tell us about tropical temperature and hydrologic change across the last glacial termination.

Date of holding: 09/12/2021

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Climate change is progressing at unprecedented pace, thereby posing major scientific, economic, and societal challenges. In summer 2021, the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was released. Consensus among based on the scientific evidence assessed therein that human activities and the associated greenhouse gas emissions are the ultimate cause of the ongoing global warming. In addition, the report signals that global temperature is likely cross the 1.5℃ threshold in the next few decades. The scientific community is therefore faced with a pressing demand for deciphering the impacts of a global temperature rise by 1.5℃ (or more) above pre-industrial levels.

Alvaro Fernandez Bremer
Instituto Andaluz de Ciencias de la Tierra (CSIC)
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