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Art, social impact and commitment

Date of holding: 15/11/2013

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Art as a hypothesis. Beacon Project, Campus do Mar

Art, social impact and commitment is the title of a paper with Dr. Fine Arts and professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Granada and multidisciplinary artist Isidro López- Aparicio, inaugurated the seminar Friday Art and social articulation : Communication from the difference in the Faculty of Fine Arts Pontevedra. The conference in which López- Aparicio recounted his experience as curator Artifariti , International Art Encounters and Human Rights in Western Sahara , which develop annually in the Sahrawi refugee camps in Tindouf , marked the beginning of a seminar devoted to the study of the capabilities of the art in the field of education and culture . This initiative forms part of the program Art as hypothesis Beacon project under the Campus del Mar, from a series of actions which are intended to promote a bilateral relationship between Fine Arts and University will be deployed precisely because it places art in its relationship with other disciplines in the critical discussion of so-called knowledge societies.

Mr. Isidro Lopez-Aparicio
Artist, Curator and Doctor in Fine Arts., Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Granada
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