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Omar Defeo presentation

Date of holding: 20/06/2016

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Aquatic ecosystems continue to deteriorate as a result of human activities that affect their ability to provide key services to humanity, including food, which is directly reflected in the reduction of marine resources, of great commercial importance in different regions of world. To discuss this and many other issues related to sustainable fisheries management, on Monday he visited the campus of Vigo researcher and professor at the University of the Republic of Uruguay, Omar DeFeo, who participated in the series of conferences of the Campus do Mar with a conference entitled "ecosystem management of small-scale fisheries in Latin America Focus". awarded the 2010 Pew Marine Conservation, worth $ 150,000 for a project to improve the management and conservation of fish and seafood, DeFeo addressed the fundamental concepts of the ecosystem approach to fisheries call (PPE), emphasizing the role of user participation in the scheme, in particular the co-management as a form of government, and the summary of some practical applications and lessons learned from the different experiences of small-scale fisheries in Latin America. Presented by researcher of Campus do Mar Gonzalo Macho, De Feo, earned his PhD in Marine Sciences at the Center for Research and Studies in Mexico, and has more than 30 years working on the assessment and management of artisanal fisheries and conservation of biodiversity in different regions of Latin America.

Conference introduced by Dr. Gonzalo Macho Rivero
Doctor in Marine Sciences from the University of Vigo
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