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Date of holding: 16/12/2011

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Over the past decades Xiamen has seen a pronounced increase in economic development; however, this rapid expansion of Xiamen´s infrastructure has come at considerable cost to the coastal environment. The consequences of causeways, aquaculture, unregulated disposal of waste, among other factors have taken their toll on Xiamen’s natural beauty and marine habitats. Fortunately, in 1994 integrated coastal management (ICM) was introduced to Xiamen, and has led to significant improvements in environmental quality. The successful aspects of this restoration include rehabilitation of marine habitats, protection of species, and treatment of sewage. This presentation illustrates the numerous measures taken by Xiamen´s ICM program to achieve ecological restoration. Furthermore, it will discuss the importance of integration in accomplishing this restoration. As result of these actions, Xiamen has attained major environmental, social, and economic benefits, and continues to solidify its position as one of China’s most environmental friendly cities.

Xiongzshe Xue
Professor, Xiamen University, China
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