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DO*MAR Student's Day 2016

Oceans: Future sustainability challenges
Date of holding: 16/11/2016
Summary of the day & opening
"StudentDay '16 workshops"
Video  |  English  (3' 25'')  |  Viewed: 793 times
"DO*MAR Student's Day 2016 Opening"
Video  |  English  (4' 29'')  |  Viewed: 616 times
António Luís Teixeira
Aveiro University
Edna Cabecinha
University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro
Pedro Gomes
University of Minho
Students Presentations
"Golbal-scale patterns of biodiversity and biomass of the neustonic zooplankton"
Rui Albuquerque's intervention
Video  |  English  |  3' 08''  |  Viewed: 365 times
Rui Albuquerque
University of Aveiro
"How do seabirds foraging patterns indicate climatic changes?"
A spatially-explicit dynamic framework to predict the Cory's shearwater breeding behaviour in the North Atlantic Ocean
Video  |  English  |  3' 09''  |  Viewed: 432 times
Rita Bastos
Unirversity of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro
"Nucella lapillus L."
Imposex after tributyltin (TBT) ban and population connectivity studies
Video  |  English  |  2' 52''  |  Viewed: 525 times
Belén Carro Espada
University of Coruña
"The role of turbulence and mixing in the control of the distribution and community structure of marine phytoplankton"
Marina Villamaña's intervention
Video  |  English  |  3' 14''  |  Viewed: 434 times
Marina Villamaña
University of Vigo
"Development of a metabarcoding approach for investigating the couple dynamics of estuarine meio- and macrobenthic communities"
Maria Fais`s intervention
Video  |  English  |  3' 08''  |  Viewed: 378 times
Maria Fais
University of Minho
"Nutritional physiology and stress of the first life stages of common Octopus (Octopus vulgaris)"
Ricardo Tur's intervention
Video  |  English  |  4' 27''  |  Viewed: 447 times
Ricardo Tur
University of Vigo
"Social-Ecologycal system and polycentric governance of fisheries resources"
Institutional advances in fisheries property rights and discard management
Video  |  English  |  2' 49''  |  Viewed: 430 times
Ana Carolina Lemos Norte
University of Vigo
"Study of coupling between phytoplankton and heterotrophic bacteria and its influence in the marine microbial communities"
Antero Prieto's intervention
Video  |  English  |  2' 55''  |  Viewed: 418 times
Antero Prieto
University of VIgo
"Impact of fishing activity on the reproductive potential and effective population size of the spiny spider crab"
Elba Rodríguez Pena´s intervention
Video  |  English  |  3' 06''  |  Viewed: 310 times
Elba Rodríguez Pena
University of Corunha
"Economic and financial management of the fisheries sector as part of the marine resources management"
Application to the inland waters of Galicia
Video  |  English  |  3' 05''  |  Viewed: 408 times
Iria García
University de Vigo
"Production or Protection?"
Efficient management of coastal ecosystem services exposed to high-risk industrial activities
Video  |  English  |  2' 36''  |  Viewed: 419 times
Maria Isabel Bastos
University of Aveiro
"Measuring good fisheries governance indicators, tools and stakeholders"
Ixai Salvo´s intervention
Video  |  English  |  3' 02''  |  Viewed: 491 times
Ixai Salvo
CETMAR/University of Coruña
"Assessment of trace metals in antarctic key marine organisms"
Jose Seco's intervention
Video  |  English  |  2' 55''  |  Viewed: 335 times
José Seco
University of Averiro / University of St.Andrews
"Spatial patterns for the european atlantic basin"
Mapping marine patterns, typologies and dynamics
Video  |  English  |  2' 50''  |  Viewed: 379 times
Maria da Luz Fernandes
University of Aveiro
"Methods of out-of-court dispute resolution in the field of fisheries"
José Roberto Eguchi´s intervention
Video  |  English  |  1' 19''  |  Viewed: 361 times
José Roberto Eguchi
"Understanding the role of clonal traits in plant invasions"
Video  |  English  |  2' 55''  |  Viewed: 354 times
"Characterization and hydrodinamical simulation of river plume intrusion in adjacent estuaries"
Application to the Minho River
Video  |  English  |  3' 01''  |  Viewed: 447 times
Marisela Des Villanueva
University of Vigo
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