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Science & fake news – how does media work?

Date of holding: 30/05/2023

Video language: English
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Ocean Literacy is defined as knowing and understanding the ocean’s influence on us, and our influence on the ocean. In the present is considered a way to advance sustainable production practices, to develop sound public marine policy, to promote a more responsible citizenry, and to encourage young people to start a career in the blue economy or in marine science. The promotion of scientific culture, and in particular of ocean literacy, from all entities in charge of marine research and management is essential in order to increase the social impact of these studies as well as to produce socially responsible research that allows facing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

José Pintado Valverde
Investigador permanente CSIC y subdirector del IIM-CSIC, realiza investigación en el Departamento de Ecología y Recursos Marinos del IIM-CSIC.
Luisa Martínez Lorenzo
Jefa de la Unidad de Cultura Científica y de la Innovación de la Delegación del CSIC en Galicia. Es doctora en Ciencias del Mar.
Gabriela Ojeda Romano
Expert in Science Communication, Public Engagement and Responsible Research and Innovation
Jaime Amaro Blanco
Responsable de Comunicación de la Unidad de Compromiso con la Sociedad en IIM-CSIC.
Leonor Parcero López
Directora de la Unidad de Cultura Científica y de la Innovación de la Universidad de Vigo.
Patricia Quintas Pérez
Técnica de apoyo a la investigación en el Centro Oceanográfico de Vigo del Instituto Español de Oceanografía (IEO).
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