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Emisiones de Buques en puerto

Date of holding: 05/05/2023

Video language: Spanish
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The maritime sector is involved in a process to reduce its environmental impact. In this context, several aspects are involved in technological advances in regulatory development. In this course, it will be analyzed those developments in the area of ship transportation. The implementation of renewable energies ships is being tested in several ways and several prototypes are under development or investigation. The most important development in this area will be analyzed in the course.

Mr. Camilo José Carrillo González
Dpto Ingeniería Eléctrica. EEI, University of Vigo
Miguel Ángel Vilar Montesinos
Mr. José Cidrás Pidré
Grupo energía eléctrica, University of Vigo
Blanca Nieves Miranda Blanco
Departamento Enxeñaría eléctrica, University of Vigo
Raúl Villa Caro
Profesor de Ingeniería Oceánica y Naval por la Universidad de A Coruña.
Evripidis Intzempelis
Hijos de J. Barreras
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